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Strengthening Communities Through Strategic Recruitment: A Case Study with Abri

Say hello to Abri, the largest housing association in the South of England, who own, sell and maintain affordable housing. They’re not just putting up walls; they’re laying down the groundwork for lively, welcoming communities.

Just like our team at Moxie, Abri are all about shaking things up and making a real difference. Over the past 5 years, they’ve been on a monumental journey, pouring £15 million into communities all across the South of England.

Their Mission:

Abri’s mission extends beyond just building houses.

They aim big to spark positive change, increase employment opportunities, improve health and well-being, and empower residents to take charge of their neighbourhoods.

With a promise to construct at least 10,000 new homes by 2030, they’re not only committed to making positive change, but to tackle the difficult conversations and challenges faced with decision-makers and residents to ensure all voices are represented.

Challenges Facing Abri When Hiring Surveyors

As Abri strived to keep up their elevated standards within community development, they came across a significant challenge when filling key surveying roles.

The task of sifting through mountains of CVs to identify candidates who not only met the technical requirements but also resonated with Abri’s values proved to be time-consuming and challenging for Andy, Managing Surveyor.

Before we had interviewed on three separate occasions with each round containing approx 20-30 applicants. The standard of application and the quality of the applicants was unfortunately very poor, even when partnering with other agencies. This resulted in wasting months worth of time due to travel and information on CVs proving untrue.
Andy Walker
Managing Surveyor

Not being able to fill the surveying roles had a profound impact on Andy within Abri, given his extensive responsibilities as the Managing Surveyor within homecare, overseeing stage two complaints, liaising with MPs, and managing any disrepair legal or financial challenges related to property repairs and management.

Andy’s crucial role leads teams across multiple regions to ensure an exceptional service delivery for various technical survey requirements, including day-to-day repairs, responsive repairs and projects, adaptations and insurance claims.

Without a fully staffed surveying team in each region, this creates significant challenges for Andy and the wider teams at Abri. Particularly when upholding operational efficiency and meeting the diverse needs of their properties and residents.

Identifying The Roadblocks

After an initial discussion between Andy and our Social Housing & Property Talent Partner Brett, it became crystal clear that our approach at Moxie was unlike anything they’d previously experienced using other recruitment agencies.

At Moxie we take pride in our authenticity, transparency, and the ability to source top-notch talent, taking the time to form a deep knowledge of industry sectors.

We’re not afraid to go against the grain when it comes to shaping an image of what a typical recruitment agency should be.
Brett Healy
Property Talent Partner
I found Brett to be professional, honest, and easy to work with, with regular contact whenever I reached out to Moxie. Any issues that we came up against visits, interviews, etc it’s been very easy to work out and resolve. It's been a pleasure working with a professional organisation.
Andy Walker
Managing Surveyor

Approach and Solution:

Our first step was to get a clear understanding of Abri’s organisational culture, values, and specific requirements for the surveying positions. With this knowledge as our foundation, we were able to be selective when sifting through CVs, identifying quickly the candidates whose qualifications, skills, and experiences aligned with Abri’s vision.

However, our commitment to Abri went beyond checking off boxes against a CV. We dug deeper into each candidate’s background, assessing their values and attitude to ensure there was also a cultural fit with Abri’s ethos.

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Through transparent communication and attention to detail, we were able to present Andy with a curated selection of candidates who not only met the job requirements but also embodied the spirit of community empowerment and collaboration for a sustainable and greener future.

The three candidates Moxie provided have hit the ground running. All of them had turned up on time and were well presented, having clearly done their research about our company. Nobody was winging it like we had experienced in the past. The overall turn-around time was very quick.
Andy Walker
Managing Surveyor

Results & Impact:

By aligning our efforts with Abri’s values and vision, we’ve not only addressed their recruitment challenges but also empowered them to fulfill their mission of strengthening communities.

With Abri’s recent amalgamation with Silva Homes, we’re excited at Moxie to be a part of their journey when it comes to providing meaningful roles and making a difference in local communities.

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