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“The entire process just had that feel-good factor.” Sue from Llamau’s candidate experience with Moxie

Shining a light on the epic candidates that have found work the Moxie way.

We recently kicked off our new The Moxie Chronicles series - an exciting way for us to look back on the incredible candidates who have walked through the Moxie doors.

One of those absolute legends is Sue Carter.

Sue had spent many years in super high profile roles: she’d been both CEO and founder of various charities. After a period of unemployment, Sue was ready and raring to get back into work. But, it had been a long time since she’d interviewed and her confidence was lacking. Now, Sue is in a truly transformational role and could not be happier.

We chatted to Sue to hear more about her new role at Llamau and her experience with Moxie.

Hey Sue - thank you so much for taking the time to have a natter today. To start off, can you tell us about your new role and how you’re finding it?

“Sure! I am the new Quality Assurance Manager at Llamau and the Strategic Lead for a Big Lottery funded five year project. The project is designed to eradicate youth homelessness by really getting under the skin of it. Youth homelessness is a huge problem here in Wales, and it’s only become worse since the various lockdowns where issues at home intensified and support was lacking.

“The project will be delivered in collaboration with Cardiff City Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff University, Cadwyn, Wales Refugee Council and Platfform. It’s up to me to ensure the services delivered by all partnership members are of the highest standard, monitoring service quality and outcomes of both Llamau and delivery partners services and make sure the project meets predicted outcomes and targets.

“And I absolutely love it! Everyone is so passionate about what they do and happy to work here. In various company materials, they talk about how working at Llamau is like working with family: this could not be more true.”

Amazing! Could you tell us how you came to find Moxie and what challenges you were facing at the time?

“I hadn’t actually heard of Moxie at the beginning of the process! I’d applied to quite a few jobs, all of which had already gone to shortlist. I didn’t realise, but one of them was through Moxie.

“Rich gave me a call to tell me that the job I had gone for was no longer available, but he asked me to tell him more about my passions and me in general. So, we had a chat and he was incredibly encouraging. He said that he felt I had loads of experience and that this particular job would be perfect for me.

“I hadn’t even seen the job advertised, and it certainly wasn’t one I would have naturally considered but it sounded brilliant.

“Rich arranged a call with their Head of Services which I have to say was imperative in my decision to apply. It was amazing to have that opportunity; I didn’t even think something like that would be possible”.

Image to show a quote by Sue Carter about Rich's service. Caption reads: "Every single piece of communication between myself and Moxie was brilliant.    I felt so cared for. Rich helped me prepare and gave me loads of extra information to consider."

We find that those added opportunities for conversation at the company really does help! What was it that made you think, ‘yes! I want to work with Moxie on this’?

“All of the above! Every single piece of communication between myself and Moxie was brilliant. I felt so cared for. Rich helped me prepare for the interview and gave me loads of extra information to consider. Even before that, he looked over my application for me and ran mock interviews. They were fantastic, start to finish.”

How did the rest of the process go for you?

“Well, I got the job! But in the process of waiting, Rich was great. He phoned to wish me luck the morning of the interview and he chased up on everything and anything I needed. He was basically the middle man, which removed so much stress for me. He found out my starting dates, got on the case when my DBS checks were taking a lot of time - even today, he phoned up earlier this morning to check in on how the job is going.

“I’ve been recommending them to everyone, especially to people looking for a career change. While I’d worked in the charity sector for a long time, I wanted to take a step back. I was still looking for director-level roles, but none were available. Rich asked me what was the most important thing to me about a job, and the answer was immediate: to make a difference. When he showed me this role, it was as if it had been made for me.

We thought so too! Overall, would you say it’s been a success?

An absolute 100% success! Working with Rich and the Moxie team enabled me to feel confident. After the period out of work and the long time since interviewing, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I really had what it took. Both Rich and the Head of Services at Llamau treated me amazingly. The entire process just had that feel-good factor. And, of course, getting the job was the biggest success of all!

I cannot recommend them enough. Whenever I need to recruit for a new role in my team, I know where I’ll be going!”

We’ll be here waiting, Sue!

An enormous thank you for giving us the time to talk through your Moxie journey. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, then head over to the ‘job seekers’ section of our website.