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Hiring the perfect People Partner for Bute Energy

Bute Energy is one hell of an organisation - bursting with community spirit, built upon incredible values and with people truly at their heart, they were pretty much our dream client to collaborate with.

Here’s our case study looking at how we partnered with their team to recruit their HR superstar. (Oh - and what an extraordinary collaboration it was 🔥)

The 411 on Bute Energy

Bute Energy designs renewable energy parks in Wales and for Wales. They’re making major shifts to decarbonise energy, create clean and green onshore power while bringing economic growth to communities.

And there’s a hefty ‘why’ behind it all. They want to ensure that Wales is a thriving, healthy and wealthy nation, independently powered by sustainable energy. Bute Energy parks will deliver 25% of the green energy that the Welsh Government has outlined that we - as a country - need in order to reach Net Zero by 2035. It’s an incredible mission, made possible by an impressive 200+ members of staff.

It’s all about the values.

Living and working by our values is everything to us at Moxie - and the same can be said for Bute Energy.

“One of the things that really stood out to us about Bute Energy was their enormous commitment to supporting their local community. It was so exciting to find out more about this; especially as their community work has such a clear synergy with our own Working Wardrobe and Moxie Foundation community support. There was no doubt in our mind that this was a client we were desperate to secure!” said Rich Thomas, Co-Founder, Moxie.

So, it’s kinda obvious WHY we wanted to work together. But HOW did we actually go about it?

The Challenge

Bute Energy were on the hunt for a first-class People Partner. The candidate would play a key role in their HR team, and needed to have experience managing teams, providing HR guidance through the employee life cycle and a strong sense of working with policies and systems (such as disciplinary grievances, training roll outs and working directly with senior management and stakeholders).

The problem came down to time and specialist knowledge.

The client was frequently travelling between the Cardiff and Edinburgh office and simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to analysing applicant CVs and the full recruitment process. In addition, while they knew what skill sets the candidate needed, a level of specialist knowledge was necessary in order to hunt out and attract the very best talent.

Thankfully, we knew exactly what we were doing. As a recruiter not only specialising in HR, we knew the skills that would best relate to the job at hand and what to look out for in CVs. It was a recipe for success from the get-go 🧑🏼‍🍳

How did we sprinkle some Moxie Magic?

Team Moxie provides itself on our ability to understand HR from a recruitment perspective and brings an approachability and ability to advise from a place of personal experience and understanding. This brings with it a quicker turnaround than most other agencies (especially the big guns), but also a high level of responsiveness from both sides.

After really taking the time to get to know the HR professionals, we were able to find Bute Energy’s ideal candidate with a selection of super strong options to choose from.

And our stats speak for themselves:

  • We delivered five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ applicants

  • A five and a half week turnaround from initial brief to final offer

  • Brief to bum on seat in just over 13 weeks

That’s impressive, even if we do say so ourselves!

Of course, our word could be a tad biassed. Here’s what Tom from Bute had to say:

I’m hugely grateful for everything you’ve done to support this process and the candidates. Working with Moxie has been a complete dream, totally exceptional! This is going to be a tricky decision for sure. A great problem to have. You are WONDERFUL, thank you so much.”

Oh Tom, we’re blushing!

But genuinely, this was an unparalleled experience for #TeamMoxie.

I’m hugely grateful for everything you’ve done to support this process and the candidates. Working with Moxie has been a complete dream, totally exceptional! You are WONDERFUL, thank you so much.
Tom, Bute Energy

The Moxie Way.

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