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“From start to finish, I felt well looked after and fully supported.” Ross from Merthyr Valley Homes

Shining a light on the epic candidates that have found work the Moxie way.

Since launching in 2019, Moxie People has helped over many people into meaningful employment. One of those in-cred-ible candidates is Ross, a top notch guy with over a decade of experience in the housing industry.

Ross had taken a few years away from housing, and while he wasn’t initially looking for work (and was even close to pulling out of the recruitment process at one point), we helped him find a role that truly matched his passion for putting community at the heart of his work.

We chatted to Ross to find out a bit more about his experience and how he’s finding his new position as Tenant Engagement Lead at Merthyr Valley Homes.

An interview with Ross on his experience partnering with Moxie People to help land a new awesome job in the housing sector

Moxie People: Ross, thank you so much for sitting down with us today. Please can you tell us about you and your background?

Ross: “I’ve been a housing professional for over a decade. My current role is the Tenant Engagement Lead for Merthyr Valleys Homes (MVH) where I help tenants input into the decision making opportunities in both the organisation and in their communities.

“This was a new role within MVH and is part of the only staff and tenant mutual in Wales.”

Moxie People: We can vouch for the fact that it was a highly anticipated role! When did you realise you needed to enlist the help of Moxie? What challenges were you facing at the time?

Ross: “I actually saw the post really late in the day and I was immediately interested. I loved the sound of it, but because of the big demands of my role at the time I couldn’t give the application process the attention (and time) that it deserved.

“I assumed this meant it wasn’t meant to be, but then I was contacted directly by Moxie who had identified me as a good candidate for the role. They already had my CV and told me that my skills were in line with the position. They even offered to discuss any issues or questions I had with MVH on my behalf to save me time.”

We really did know straight away that you’d be fantastic for the role. What was it about Moxie that made you want to partner with them?

“Rich mentioned that several people in the sector had put my name forward for this role… Needless to say, I was extremely flattered and really appreciated him taking the time to tell me that. The consequent communication in the run up to my decision to apply was first class; genuinely, it was exceptional.

“Plus, the ability for Moxie to lead on discussions with MVH allowed me the time to go over the job description and ultimately make the decision to apply.”

From there, how did you find the process?

“Rich included an email with the job description and key video messages which were available as part of the application, as well as other key documentation including the Corporate Plan and Annual Report. Any questions I had throughout were either answered immediately or followed up on as soon as the information was available and I was constantly kept in the loop. It made me feel in control and at ease.

“During December, the recruitment process was unavoidably delayed and Richard was in touch with me throughout to ease any anxiety about this decision and to ensure any updates were communicated to me immediately.

“The interview was then a two stage process and Rich was in touch with me the day before the first interview and after the first interview. He again followed up immediately after the second stage. From start to finish, I felt well looked after and fully supported.”

That’s music to our ears. On reflection, would you say it was a success?

"Absolutely. I received a phone call from Rich the morning after the second interview to tell me the exciting news that I was successful and that the panel had felt I was the stand out candidate.

I was, and still am, immensely grateful to Richard and the team for the way they made me feel like nothing was too much and that I could contact them about any matter, small or large. It was a hugely positive experience and I am hoping to work with Moxie in the future - on the other side of the table - for any opportunities that arise within my team."

A huge thank you for giving us the time to talk through your Moxie journey.

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