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Moxie Foundation Launches to Give South Wales Job Seekers a Boost

We are thrilled to share the news that The Moxie Foundation is officially registered and open for business, and has already awarded the first of its four grants to job seekers.

*cuts ribbon*

We know that too often it isn’t a candidate’s skillset, passion or values that get in the way of them securing employment, but their confidence and financial situation.

The Moxie Foundation has been launched to help break down the many barriers to sustainable employment. The aim is simple: every year, we will distribute a series of 16+ grants (four every three months) to those facing financial barriers whilst seeking work in South Wales.

These grants can be used for driving lessons, training, new laptops - whatever is needed to help people viably transition into a career. Unlike other funds available, there are absolutely no restrictions on what we could fund if it is used to secure employment.

We are funding the foundation through 5% of our annual profits, which we hope will empower job seekers from marginalised communities, facing barriers, or at the start of their work journey to secure sustainable and rewarding employment.

The reason why we created the Moxie Foundation:

Beginning your first job search or returning to work can be a confusing, costly and stressful time for some.

It’s rarely straightforward, especially for those who have the added weight of caring responsibilities, low confidence, and processing difficult (or even traumatic) life events, not to mention the challenge of navigating a lack of local opportunities.

As a housing recruitment agency in South Wales, we want our work to directly impact our local communities. Through The Moxie Foundation, we hope to continue building people up to reach their full potential in life.

“Some jobs will list a driving licence as an essential requirement. Others may require access to particular tech equipment to be able to attend a virtual interview or work remotely. But the problem with this is that not everyone will have the means to pay for this. It could be the perfect role - the one that feels just right - and yet without access to these ‘necessities’, the best person for the role might not have a chance to apply”, said Sam Cooper-Woolley, Co-Founder of The Moxie Foundation.

A career really does influence all aspects of our life.

We know only too well how much of an impact a fulfilling job can have: everything from our wellbeing to our sense of daily fulfilment, right on through to our ability to afford a safe, warm home, where we can lay the foundations to thrive.

“We want to play a role in increasing employment rates in Wales. Latest figures show a
3.8% unemployment rate for those aged 16+ in Wales. While this is slightly down on the previous quarter (at 4.1%) it still isn’t where we want it to be”, said Rich Thomas, Co-Founder, The Moxie Foundation.

“One contributing factor is financial barriers; particularly for clothing, travel and technology. Sadly, this is something that we see a lot in Wales.The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Poverty in Wales 2021 report found that pay in Wales was lower in every sector. Pre-pandemic, it showed that 700,000 people were in poverty, living precarious and unsecure lives.

“We know that the pandemic has exacerbated many of these existing issues in housing, and this disproportionately impacts those on lower income. The result is an even wider level of social inequalities. In addition, pre-pandemic Wales had a high number of employed workers when compared to the UK average. This brings with it its own problem: ‘atypical’ work such as zero-hours contracts and various forms of self-employment can bring added insecurity and job instability”, Rich continued.

It’s all about giving people every opportunity possible and supporting the amazing work that our clients are doing in the community every single day.

Our hope is that through The Moxie Foundation and our Working Wardrobe initiative we can offer people a head start: a chance to kickstart their career path towards a brighter, more fulfilled and stable future.

Who can access funding from The Moxie Foundation?

The Moxie Foundation aims to support anyone who is currently engaged with a housing association or statutory service and struggling with financial hardship whilst seeking work.

Ultimately, we’re about giving ‘work ready’ individuals that extra boost so that they can feel confident and prepared for employment. We believe it’s important that our grants are given to those who need them most, and so we have added in a few requirements:

  • Applicants must be unemployed and actively looking for work;
  • They should be actively engaged with an employment support service;
  • If they have children or caring responsibilities, appropriate and sustainable arrangements should already be made;
  • They should have temporary, permanent, or stable accommodation.

However, there are no rules on what will and will not be funded. It could be basic training, laptops, work-specific clothing or CSCS cards for construction (just to name a few). If it’s going to help a job seeker secure a stable job, then we want them to apply!

Applications open in the last month of every quarter (March, June, September and December) - so get applying!

Know someone you’d like to put forward for a grant? Contact us for more information at

The Moxie Foundation so far…

To date, we’ve allocated £5000 to The Moxie Foundation, and we plan to commit a minimum of 5% of our profits every year. Our initial four grants of £250 per applicant have helped people afford laptops that will enable them to apply for jobs online, interview virtually and work remotely, and driving lessons that will ensure more jobs and employers are accessible.

And the great news? These grants are already making a difference.

Lianne Young, Finances, Skills and Futures (FSF) Project Coordinator, had this to say about our support:

“The Finances, Skills and Futures (FSF) Project has formed a valuable working link with Moxie People. Having secured grants via Moxie People, two FSF clients are now IT ready and on their way to taking back control of their lives, beginning with training and job interviews via TEAMS.

“Many FSF clients live in some very rural areas within Wales and it is evident that people are experiencing some very different barriers to others, including barriers around transport. Moxie have allowed clients struggling with transport to and from work or training, the opportunity to apply for grants in order to help with the financial costs of learning to drive. Providing people with this opportunity makes so much sense!

“The application process set by Moxie is very user friendly and staff are always on hand to answer any questions that may arise. Being partnered with a company that listens to the needs of people and takes those needs seriously is so refreshing”.

This is Kim, one of the awesome recipients of a Moxie Foundation grant.
The awesome Kim with her new laptop.

What’s coming up next?

This is just the start, and already we can’t wait to see the foundation grow and grow, to reach more and more people over the years. We’re excited that The Moxie Foundation offers more than just financial support; for us, it’s about giving people opportunity and the confidence that they are capable of brilliant things.

That work can lift them up and open the door to happier, more fulfilled ways of living.

To find out more or to see how you can get involved, please contact Sam Cooper-Woolley on 02921 602 111 or email