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Working Wardrobe: Our Charity of the Year Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce that The CIPD has kindly chosen Working Wardrobe as its ‘Charity of the Year.’

This recognition is a really wonderful reflection of our dedication to empowering individuals in South Wales and beyond, as they kickstart their career journeys.

Building Confidence & Creating Opportunity:

At Working Working, our mission is clear: to build confidence and create opportunity.

Everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves the chance to feel self-assured and confident as they pursue their career goals.

To achieve this, we provide free interview clothing and professional workwear for individuals to keep, who are taking their first steps into a rewarding and meaningful career.

Not only are we committed to offering professional, high-quality clothing for interviews and work, but we also provide the tools and support necessary for individuals to succeed.

Resources at the ready. Learn how to write winning applications and ace difficult interview questions via our Job Seekers Advice page.

We aim to break down barriers and pave the way for a fulfilling future.

Working Wardrobe has been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing, like-minded partners who share our charity's values. No one in the UK should be prevented from finding a job because of something as basic as necessary workwear. Working Wardrobe strives to ensure that clothing poverty is not a barrier to employment by providing free, high-quality clothes via our hub partners.
Rachel Rodrigues
Working Wardrobe Operations Director

Our vision centres around creating a thriving Wales, whether that’s by supporting individuals to become trailblazers in the workforce or bringing awareness to our local communities on being eco-conscious with clothing.

Double points if that can help someone in need in the process.

Here are our Working Wardrobe values:

Reassurance: providing practical support to those in need.

Equality: creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone

Sustainability: minimising environmental impact and maximising the reuse of resources.

Personalised: showing respect for all people regardless of their circumstances.

Empowerment: helping people to build skills and confidence to live independent lives, free from poverty.

Collaboration: partnering with others to maximise the impact in communities.

Training: providing opportunities to volunteers to increase skills and confidence.

We’re passionate about promoting our ‘zero items to landfill’ commitment, giving pre-loved workwear a second chance, and taking steps in the right direction towards a sustainable future.

Almost 30% of unwanted clothing ends up in UK landfills. We’re proud to be able to offer an alternative for people looking to reduce their unwanted items, while also providing people the confidence they need when they start their job search.
Sam Cooper-Woolley
Moxie Co-Founder & Sustainability Consultant

If you’d like more information about what it is that we do, you can find out more via our website

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