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Meet Brett, Talent Partner for Sustainability, Built Environment and Infrastructure

2023 has already been one hell of a year for Moxie. From moving offices, to hiring our first paid Working Wardrobe employee, expanding our recruitment remit and spending tons of time out in the community, it’s safe to say things are moving in a seriously cool direction. And, of course, it would be impossible to shine a light on this mega start to the year without throwing the focus on our kick-ass new Moxie People recruits.

Back in January, we welcomed the incredible Brett Healy to the team as our new Talent Partner. Brett came to us with impressive experience and bags of enthusiasm - the perfect person to head up our brand new sustainability, built environment and infrastructure desk.

This is an exciting expansion for Moxie, and Brett has already slotted in seamlessly to our team while taking huge steps forward with this fresh focus for the company.

Brett Healey, Talent Partner at Moxie People.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know Brett - the man behind Moxie’s Sustainability, Built Environment and Infrastructure desk - a little bit more.

Brett, can you start off by telling us about yourself?

Brett: ‘Big question - where to start? I’ve worked in recruitment for 17 years and before that I was in the air force for 10. The majority of my time in recruitment - a good 15 years - were spent in corporate. It’s a place I’d found myself stuck in, but the reality was that I was always wearing a mask.

It was only when my wife stepped away from her own corporate role and into a non-profit that I realised I needed to make a change. I could see how much happier she was and how she genuinely enjoyed going into work. I wanted that for myself. I needed to start enjoying life again.’

And we’re so glad he decided to make that change! What was it that drew him to Moxie?

Brett: ‘If you were to put them on a scale, corporate would be on one end and Moxie would be on the other. But that isn’t even the main reason that I knew I wanted to be a part of the Moxie team.

I’d seen the advert for the role; as I already knew Keeran, I asked him for the down low and he couldn’t sing their praises highly enough, so I was immediately interested.

We arranged a meeting with myself, Sam and Rich and that was what sealed the deal for me. It was clear from the word ‘go’ that our values were totally aligned. They were so open and transparent - you could tell that their entire ethos was about doing the right thing for their clients and candidates: this was something they were so passionate about, and since joining the team I can see that it’s a passion that’s shared across the whole organisation.

And it just felt comfortable! I turned up to the interview completely overdressed, which showed me that this really was going to be miles away from my corporate past. It was an easy decision. I was on board straight away.’

The feeling was mutual! The role was a key part of Moxie’s expansion into new recruitment sectors, and so it was crucial that we could find someone who not only had experience in that space but also had the drive to build up a new desk from scratch. Luckily, this was something that Brett was ideally suited for.

‘The desk that I’m managing is focused on resourcing for the built environment - this includes everything from UK infrastructure to renewables, property services, cost management, social housing and construction. It’s a space I’ve worked in extensively in the past, so I already had a pool of contacts that I could reconnect with - very useful when you’re starting from scratch.'
Brett Healey
Talent Partner for Sustainability, Built Environment and Infrastructure

In terms of building up a new desk, I had the same experience when I first entered the world of recruitment: there, I was able to cultivate a hugely successful desk from the ground up. It’s a similar challenge - a really exciting one!

My hopes are to gradually bring more people to the desk, building out the team with those newer to the industry so that I can use my own background and experience to mentor and inspire them. I would love more and more people to get the opportunity to see that recruitment can be value-led and fulfilling.’

Let’s find out how things are going so far.

Brett’s rapidly approaching the 6-month mark with #TeamMoxie - we’re interested in hearing how things have been playing out so far.

Brett: ‘It’s been fantastic. Every day is a learning day, and I’ve found that so motivating. Despite the amount of time I’ve been in recruitment, I know that there’s always more to learn - and I’m getting this from the other members of the team. We all bring something unique to the table, with one key element in common: a passion for people.’

That leads us perfectly onto our next question (it’s as if he knew!) - what do YOU bring to the team, Brett?

Brett: ‘I would say I bring LOTS of enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. I’m not socially shy, so I’m happy to speak to anyone. It doesn’t bother me picking up the phone and I genuinely don’t take anything personally.

I also think I’ve probably got a slightly different lens when looking at things - I’ve learnt from my mistakes, and I’m always willing to advise other people how I’ve gone wrong in the past so that they can avoid those same mistakes.’

And we love you for it! What’s been your standout moment (so far!)?

Brett: ‘The first candidate that I worked with who got an offer. Building that relationship and witnessing such a positive outcome was amazing. They were quite nervous at first - a fantastic candidate, undoubtedly, with bags of confidence when it came to the role, but the interview process was causing him a bit of discomfort.

I was able to spend proper time preparing him for the interview, helping him set up IT systems for it and actually listening to his needs. It’s the difference between Moxie People and other recruiters… We actually care and always put the people first. This often means spending a lot more time with them than other mainstream recruiters - ultimately, this also leads to a high offer rate and stronger candidate experience.

The candidate smashed the interview and was offered the position. That definitely has to be my standout highlight.’

Debunking recruitment myths.

With Brett’s extensive recruitment background, something that we were dead interested in was what he had found to be the most misunderstood concept about recruitment.

Brett: ‘A lot of companies out there think that recruiters are selling to them. This isn’t the case. We’re trying to support them.

The truth is that it’s hard to find the best person for a role. And I’ve found in the past that candidates that come through a recruitment agency are often tarnished before they even get a chance to present themselves - as if they weren’t ‘good enough’ to move through the process on their own. Actually, I believe that the opposite is true.

As recruiters, we have access to so much market information before anyone else. We know the trends and, frequently, we can tell (even ahead of the company) when an organisation is going to hire. Alongside that, we are experts at joining the dots and connecting the very best candidates with a business.

Doing this works in our favour. When recruiters put a candidate forward, we need to try and ensure that the quality is higher. We have to make the candidate and experience worth the investment the organisation will have to pay. Therefore they need to be the best of the best.

This is certainly the case at Moxie People. We’re all specialists in our area and care about recruiting in the right way. So no, we aren’t selling to you. We’re trying to connect exceptional people with great jobs.’

What a note to finish on! We’re buzzing to have Brett in the team and can’t wait to see his vision for our Build Environment desk brought more and more to life.

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