Disruptive Innovation - A webinar with Ian Wright

Disruptive Innovation in Social Housing - A webinar with Ian Wright

What is disruptive innovation? How does it relate to the housing sector?

Long story short, disruptive innovation refers to the radical changes in service delivery resulting from anticipating and embracing your organisation's future needs and tech opportunities.

And that's why the Disruptive Innovators Network was created. Founded by our speaker Ian Wright, it was established to help social housing leaders like you, align technology, leadership and culture so you can deliver your purpose most effectively!

Ian delivered a fantastic, interactive session where we covered topics like:

  • Why customer satisfaction is the wrong measure
  • The rise of the digital workforce
  • Housing blindspots
  • Balancing ambition for change with organisational capacity
  • Failure as a skill
  • Do you need to build a business of entrepreneurs?

So are you really innovative? How do you future-proof your organisation and make it change-friendly? And most importantly, how do you do all this whilst supporting your workforce and tenants?

We hope you all got to leave this session with a whole lotta food for thought...and hopefully, excitement about our upcoming webinars! You can rewatch this session below.

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