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Meet Yaingy, our Tech for Good Talent Manager.

Here at Moxie People, we’re all about people-centric recruitment. It’s our mission to connect people with meaningful jobs that make a difference; and one of the key ways we enable that is by having a passionate, specialist and caring team. That’s why we are SO chuffed to introduce one of the newest members of the Moxie family: say hello to the a-ma-zing Yaingy Chan 👏🏽

Yaingy has joined the team as Talent Manager for… wait for it… the Tech for Good space 😲 This is such an exciting sector - one that is all about delivering work for the good of people and the planet. It’s totally aligned with our overall purpose and Yaingy really is the perfect person to help us work with awesome brands in this sector, coming to us with a flip load of experience in both recruitment and the tech-sphere. She’s also v.motivated, v.enthusiastic and v.awesome. We couldn’t have landed on a better recruit for our growing team 💜

Three images of Yaingy, Moxie's Tech for Good Talent Manager.

We sat down with Yaingy to find out more about her, her background and her dreams for her new role.

Yaingy, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Yaingy: ‘Sure! I’m Yaingy (pronounced ‘Yingy’), whilst my parents are from Hong Kong, I was born and raised in South Wales. I grew up having to be independent pretty quick as my parents worked full-time running their own business, a Chinese takeaway called Kam Hon in Beddau. I’ve worked there since the age of seven and still currently work most weekends to help them out.

‘I’m a solo homeowner and dog momma to a Cocker Spaniel, Milo! I love to travel, meet new people, go on adventures, travel the world, trying new things and keeping active. I gym regularly and do hot yoga once a week – currently studying 200hr online Yoga Teacher Training. If I’m not socialising with family and friends, I am either at the gym or on a beach walk with my best bud.

‘I have five years of experience as a recruiter: four years as a Recruitment Consultant for a recruitment agency working in Financial Services with a focus on Legal and Compliance hires between mid to c-suite level across EMEA. I then spent one year as a Talent Acquisition Manager for two online/tech start-up businesses owned by the same Founder. I’m grateful to have had these experiences, as I have learnt and seen what it is like to work in-house and externally; it’s opened my eyes and it is why I want to change the way recruitment is perceived and work with businesses that use technology to make a social impact. I thrive on being in fast-paced environments both inside and outside of work, which is why I love being in the world of tech.’

YES Yaingy! We love that so much. So, can you feed our ego a tad by telling us what drew you to Moxie?

Yaingy: ‘Of course I can! Moxie is like no other recruitment agency I have ever come across. I told myself I wasn’t going to go back into working for another similar business to my first recruitment job, due to unethical business. However, Moxie has proved me wrong. They shared with me their values about being a people-first business: they truly care about finding people jobs that go beyond making a sale or commission. They do things the right way for both clients and candidates because they truly care and make a difference to people’s lives.

‘It seemed like a no-brainer. I truly was invested in Moxie the first time I spoke with them and LOVE the goal we had. I absolutely love the incredible team I get to work with, to be able to share our highs and lows, and supporting one another is where we thrive. Most of all, having a management team who believes and supports you through every step of the way in building a business/desk from scratch and having the autonomy to do this however I see best fit. They have such an agile thinking approach, and we work together, collaboratively as a team to work towards what is best practice, what works and doesn’t work.’

Oh Yaingy, you’ve made us blush - thank you! Let’s talk a bit more about your role and responsibilities.

Yaingy: ‘As a Talent Manager, I am responsible for the full life cycle of recruitment. Building out a new desk from scratch firstly means conducting market research. This involves connecting and networking with individuals in this space at all levels, making introductions, doing independent research and study, keeping up to date with current trends and attending networking events while learning from the experts who are succeeding in the Tech for Good space.

Day to day, I’ll likely get involved in keeping up to date with trends and constantly learning – reaching out to professionals in this space and learning from them. I’m also looking forward to acting as a partner, a friend, and a consultant (providing real consultative advice, salary benchmarks, recruitment tips in retaining staff, workplace culture and lots more). Plus, I’ll be responsible for full candidate management and lifecycle: from candidate qualification, interview scheduling and preparation, to offer and negotiations to post after care.'

We can, hand on heart, say that Yaingy has already achieved these responsibilities and so much more for our Tech for Good desk! But what are her plans for the future?

Yaingy: ‘I want to become the go-to recruiter for Tech for Good businesses in the UK. I love working with people, constantly learning and feeling challenged. I want people to see me as their friend and business partner, where we work together to achieve a common goal in creating a positive impact and connecting businesses with like-minded people who have a passion for tech.

‘I want to change the way recruitment is seen and provide businesses with a recruitment service that empowers Tech For Good businesses in making a real positive change in helping them scale and grow. From a candidate perspective, I help them every step of the way in providing any help, tips or advice in applying for jobs and landing a job they truly love. I’ll always go out of my way to help where needed.’

What a vision! 😍Now, while we know why we think Tech for Good is so damn exciting, we’d love to know what interests you about it?

Yaingy: ‘When I first met Rich and Sam, they shared with me their plan and vision for opening a new desk within Tech For Good. I didn’t want to go into the same role as I was in before - working in Financial Services - specialising in a very niche role where I had no passion or interest for the businesses. That’s what was lacking. They proposed this role to me where I would build and run this desk, working for businesses who use technology to make a social impact, businesses that adopt CSR/ESG responsibilities, or give back by creating a charity initiative (for example, by planting trees).

‘We all see a real opportunity within Tech For Good. The business’s values in putting people at the heart of everything - which is the core of what Moxie does - resonates with so many businesses out there. We see this as a huge opportunity to make a difference in the world of recruitment, do things the right way, and we want everyone to follow our journey!’

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! So, Yaingy, what would you say you bring to the team?

Yaingy: ‘I think I bring a wealth of experience from both an internal and external point of view. In my first job as a Recruitment Consultant, I went through several organisation restructure changes, several managers, high staff turnover and from no training plan to an established one. I have learnt things from scratch, made mistakes and learnt from them, but all of which I am grateful for. I was one of the most successful recruiters within the business, exceeding my targets within the first two years. I know what worked and didn’t work. But I am always open to listening to ideas from the team! I also bring passion, positivity and hunger for success.'

Let’s round things up on a real nice high - what’s your best moment since starting your role as Tech for Good Talent Manager at Moxie?

Yaingy: ‘There are so many! From volunteering days, moving offices, our team walks during lunch, to being surrounded by such genuine, kind, knowledgeable individuals from different walks of life. Everyone is happy to work together, share ideas, share success stories or problems. We are one team and that’s what I love about Moxie.’

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